Moviepaws is dedicated to movies about animals. Whether it’s dogs, cats, sheep, tigers, birds, we’re your guide to new and classic movies that feature our favorite furry and feathered creatures. 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am very eager, almost anxious to confirm about one movlie of a dog, it’s name, I’ve forgotten, seen long ago.
    The story is , most probably a true story, that the dog spends all his time on trains, changing the trains of different routes, to and fro, knowing the exact times of all the trains. All the Railway staff knows him and was fed also.
    I just went through your list of 100 Top Movies on dogs, but couldn’t find it. If it’s not in English movies, it may be in any other language.
    If you can find the same and reply me, I’ll be more than happy and indebted to you.


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