Owen Wilson Talks About Daisy the Dog in ‘Wonder’ (Spoilers)

daisy-dog-wonderIn the heartwarming new movie, “Wonder,” Auggie (Jacob Tremblay) was born with a facial deformity and undergone a series of surgeries. Despite worrying that he’ll be teased, his parents (Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson) let him go to school for the first time. Making friends is tough, at first, so it’s a good thing he’s got his dog, Daisy, to cheer him up.

(Daisy is played by a dog named Gidget According to the “Wonder” Wiki, she lives with her owner, Kristal Kenna, in Vancouver, Canada. And she’s a Gemini! She was born May 27, 2008 in Port Angeles, Washington.)

Does anything bad happen to Daisy? [Spoilers below]


Owen Wilson talked to Uproxx about his history of dogs in the movies, admitting he doesn’t have a good track record and that a dead dog in the film is almost his “calling card” at this point.” Sadly, Daisy, like the dogs in “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Marley,” does not live to see the end of the film.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Yeah, Daisy doesn’t make it.

Buckley, Marley, and Daisy. You know, it’s getting where if a dog sees me cast in a movie, he starts to get nervous.

I need to start emotionally preparing myself before I watch an Owen Wilson movie that the dog is going to die.

[Laughs.] Yeah.

When I first saw Daisy, I was thinking to myself that a funny little opening question for you would be, “At least the dog didn’t die this time.” And then the dog dies.

No, still use that opening and then say, “Not so fast!”

“Not so fast.”

“The movie is a tearjerker, but at least the family dog makes it. Whoops, not so fast!”

With everything else going on in this movie, I thought that would be a special treat, Daisy was a little sick, but she pulled through. Nope.

That’s how it originally was in the script, but, you know, when I came aboard…

It’s in your contract, the dog cannot make it.

Exactly. “Dog does not make it.”

People expect this now.

And I know how the dog feels, because I used to never make it to the third act either. I died in ‘Anaconda,’ ‘The Haunting’…

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