Who Voices Who in ‘The Bad Guys’

Universal Pictures

Five criminals — a wolf, a shark, a snake, a piranha and a tarantula — pretend to be good guys so they can keep on being bad in “The Bad Guys,” which hits theaters on April 22. So who voices who in this animated comedy?

 Sam Rockwell voices Mr. Wolf, a smooth-talking pickpocket and the leader of the “Bad Guys” gang.
Marc Maron voices Mr. Snake, a sarcastic safe-cracking Eastern brown snake and Mr. Wolf’s second-in-command and best friend.
Craig Robinson voices Mr. Shark, a great white who’s also a “master of disguise.” His greatest feat is stealing the Mona Lisa, while disguised as the Mona Lisa.
Mr. Piranha, a short-tempered Bolivian red-bellied piranha, is voiced by Anthony Ramos (“Hamilton”).
Awkwafina voices Ms. Tarantula, an expert hacker red-knee tarantula also known as “Webs” or “Mata Hairy” and the only girl of the gang.
Richard Ayoade (“The IT Crowd”) voices Prof. Rupert Marmalade IV, a guinea pig philanthropist who suggests that Mr. Wolf’s group start doing good deeds while having an agenda of his own.
Zazie Beetz voices Governor Diane Foxington, a red fox and Mr. Wolf’s girlfriend.
Alex Borstein (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) voices Misty Luggins, the human chief of police.

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