‘Wind River’ Viewer Advisory

wind-riverJeremy Renner stars as a game tracker drawn into a murder investigation in the new film “Wind River,” set on the Wyoming Native American reservation of the same name.

While the brutality that humans visit on each other is the most disturbing thing in this film, but we also see his character, Cory Lambert, protecting the local sheep and cows, killing natural predators when necessary. As he tells FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen), “I hunt predators.”

There’s really just one or two scenes that might bother animal lovers.

Read on for spoilers:


When we first meet him, he’s lying in wait to scare off a pack of wolves. He’s clearly an excellent shot and hits one wolf, who goes down. The rest run off, leaving the sheep alone.

Update: (These are clearly real wolves in the film, but it’s not clear if the animal was hit with a tranquilizer dart of was trained to play dead.)  The “animal wrangler” credited on the film is Sled Reynolds who also worked with the wolves on “Dances With Wolves” and whose long list of credits includes “Gladiator,” “The Ghost and the Darkness,” and “Water for Elephants.”)


Later, he’s called to the scene of a dead cow. From the tracks, he determines the cow was killed by a female mountain lion and her two cubs. He sets out to track her to her lair when he comes across the body of a young Native American woman, who froze to death in the middle of nowhere.

He abandons his search for the mountain lion to help Banner’s murder investigation. When he stumbles across the lion’s lair later on, he’s distracted by his colleague in need, and leaves them be. He has worse predators to hunt.


Read my full review at Forces of Geek.




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