‘It’ Viewer Advisory

Terrible things happen to children in the horror film “It,” but are any animals harmed?



Mike Hanlon (played by Chosen Jacobs)

“Home school kid,” aka Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs) works with his grandfather and part of the job requires killing sheep for their meat. Mike hesitates to kill his first sheep with a captive bolt pistol.  His grandfather takes the device and shoots the penned sheep for him, telling Mike that in this life, you’re either the sheep or the one who kills it. A few scenes later, Mike is an old pro at the distasteful job.



Bully Henry Bowers (played by Nicholas Hamilton)

There are two cats in the film, both gray tabbies. The first is the only witness to Pennywise’s attack on Georgie. The second is nearly shot for target practice by teen bully Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton), but his cop father intervenes at the last moment.

A scene in the book where Henry kills Mike’s dog is not in the film. Mike doesn’t even have a dog in the movie. And in the book (but not in the film) fellow bully Patrick Hockstetter likes to torture and kill small animals as well as bullying younger kids.


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