All About the Cat (and Other Creatures) in ‘Luca’


Sea monsters who can pass for humans on dry land are the main characters in Pixar’s new Italian-set movie, Luca, not to mention a dour cat named Machiavelli.

Here’s the cast of creature characters:

Luca Paguro (Jacob Tremblay)

Title character Luca is a young sea monster who spends his days herding fish, none of who seem too bright. (One fish in, particular, named Giuseppe is always looking for. a chance to stray.) His parents raise and show pet crabs in competitions. (“Paguro” means “hermit crab” in Italian.) One day, Luca befriends Alberto Scorfano (Jack Dylan Grazer), who’s slightly older and teaches him the perks — and tricks — of living among humans. (“Scorfano” means “Scorpionfish” in Italian.) When in the ocean, they have gills and tails, but when they’re dry, they look fully human. Unless they get wet…

Machiavelli the cat

A cat who has the exact same mustache as his owner Massimo (Marco Barricelli) — and is just as intimidating — initially takes an intense dislike to Luca and Alberto. He seems to be the only one who senses they’re not human. He glares at them when they help Massimo on his fishing boat and even attacks Luca. But by film’s end, he’s completely warmed up to both boys.

The humans of Portorosso are terrified of sea monsters, but the seagulls are perfectly at home with them.


Nerone the dog

We learn from the end credits that Luca’s friend Giulia (Emma Berman) has a dog named Nerone.

Caligula the turtle

Another end credits reveal: A turtle named Caligula, who likes to eat Machiavelli’s food. (And yes, Machiavelli has passed on his signature mustache to his offspring.)

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