Dogs Dine on Spaghetti at ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Event


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Moviepaws got to attend a fantastic “Lady and the Tramp” event February 8 at Just Food For Dogs in Sherman Oaks, CA. To celebrate the release of the classic Disney film on Blu-ray, the Italian restaurant was recreated outside with several red-and-white-decked tables.

Dogs could pose on the red carpet and even get inside a round, striped red-and-white-box just like the one Darling opens Christmas morning to reveal cocker spaniel puppy Lady inside.

Yes, there was spaghetti for everyone! Dogs could choose between beef meatballs or venison with squash. Humans also got to chow down on spaghetti and meatballs and there were even mushroom meatballs for the vegetarians, courtesy of Sqirl LA.

And dogs got to pose with the table and chairs that looked like they were straight out of the most famous scene from “Lady and the Tramp.”

Everyone went home with treats, stuffed versions of Lady and the Tramp (connected by a strand of spaghetti) and a copy of the movie on Blu-Ray and DVD. You can pre-order the Multi-Screen edition, which is available on February 20.

Among the celebrity dogs in attendance: Hello Giggles’ canine correspondent Stella, Pistache the Pug, Holly the Mini Doxie, and Boomer the chihuahua. 

Other photos thanks to:
Sandy and her dog Lucky
Amy Ratcliffe from Nerdist
IGN’s Terri Schwartz
Lil Boss and her daughter’s dog, Angel


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