‘Nobody’ Viewer Advisory

In “Nobody,” Bob Odenkirk plays an ordinary-seeming suburban guy, one who’s regarded as a coward after a pair of burglars break into his house and he doesn’t lay a hand on them.

But we quickly find out that Hutch Mansell is a man who’s not to be messed with. While there is an outrageously high human body count, very much like “John Wick,” fortunately, no animals are harmed during this nifty 92-minute action film.

Read on for animal-related SPOILERS

In the opening scene, Hutch sits down with two cops after what has clearly been an all-out battle. He takes out a pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket and lights up. Then he takes out a can of tuna and a can opener and proceeds to open the can while the police stare at him. And then he takes out a kitten…

And then we find out why he came to be in a police station with a cat, a can of tuna, and a rare painting.

Earlier in the film, his young daughter tells him, “We need a cat,” and he says, “I was thinking the same thing.” She then finds that among the things the burglars took are her Hello Kitty bracelet and that seems to be the last straw for Hutch.

Which leads to him tracking down the burglars and demanding in one memorable scene, “Give me the goddamn kitty cat bracelet, motherf****er!”

After all the dust settles (and the kitty cat bracelet is returned), Hutch hears a kitten mewing and retrieves it from a pipe, taking it with him as he prepares to face the police.

We don’t see the kitten again, but given what great care Hutch takes of his family, we’re sure it’s in very good hands.

The daughter also appears to have a stuffed Garfield the cat toy and is also a big fan of her dad’s homemade lasagna.

“Nobody” is now in theaters and available to rent or buy.

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