‘Lou’ Viewer Advisory: Are Any Animals Harmed in the Allison Janney Action Movie?


In the Netflix movie “Lou,” Allison Janney’s character Lou lives in a remote spot on Orcas Island, Washington. She has no companions other than her dog Jax, who helps her hunt. She isn’t close to her neighbor and tenant Hannah (Jurnee Smollett) or Hannah’s young daughter Vee (Ridley Asha Bateman), but when the girl is kidnapped by her former Green Beret father Philip (Logan Marshall-Green), Hannah turns to Lou for help. The women team up to track them, despite a pending hurricane.

Does Jax survive the action movie? Read on for SPOILERS about the welfare of the animals in the movie.


Fortunately, Jax is just fine and comes to no harm. At the end of the film, Lou leaves the dog with Hannah and Vee, who also make it through.

Are any other animals hurt or killed?
Yes. In the film’s opening scenes, Lou shoots a deer, establishing she’s (usually) an expert shot and used to fending for herself. When she comes closer, she realizes it’s still alive, which means her shooting isn’t what it used to be. We see her reflected in the deer’s eye before she makes sure it is dead. Jax the dog begins to eat the deer before she drags it through the grass, leaving blood in her path. We later see the carcass of the deer in the back of her flatbed truck, which the sheriff notices but doesn’t ticket her, even though it’s not hunting season yet.


Later, as Vee and Philip rest during their flight through the woods, she sees a wounded butterfly and hands it to him. He holds it as delicately as she does and tells her, “Sometimes in nature, when a creature’s damaged, there’s nothing you can do to save them. It’s almost like they were meant to die.”

When she suggests the butterfly might just be tired, he agrees and puts it on a tree branch to “rest.” Vee goes behind a tree to pee, but when she looks back, Philip is holding it in the palm of his hand again. He looks at it for a moment, then crushes it in his hand. She gasps, horrified, and from then on, regards her father with caution.

In the next scene, a clear link between the butterfly and Philip is made when Lou spots the burns on Hannah’s wrists and asks why she stayed with an abusive husband. Hannah says, “I actually thought I could fix him. When we first met, he was caring, he was loving. But he was broken. So broken…. that son of a bitch is a monster. There ain’t no amount of love in this entire world that can save him.”

“Lou” is now streaming on Netflix.


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