‘Encanto’ trailer features capybaras, coatis and a tapir

Photo Credit: Disney

In the first trailer for the Disney movie “Encanto,” we meet the magical Madrigal family of Colombia, who all have special powers – except for main character Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz).

Her youngest cousin Antonio (Ravi-Cabot Conyers) can speak to animals and when the family seems to be losing all their magical ability, Antonio consults the rats.

He can also talk to the capybaras, a tapir, colorful toucans and several South American coatis, who look a little like red pandas.

The capybara, which is known in Colombia as the chig├╝iro, is the largest rodent species in the world. They live in every South American country except Chile, according to TheCultureTrip.

Colombia is also the only country that is home to three species of the tapir, the mountain tapir, the lowland tapir, and the Central American tapir.

We also meet a jaguar who immediately tries to eat the rats until Antonio tells him not to.

The family also encounters a mythological three-headed dog, which is typically the guard dog to the underworld***.

“Encanto” will open in theaters on November 24 and premiere on Disney+ on December 24.

***In the movie, the three-headed dog only appears in a musical fantasy sequence about Luisa (Jessica Darrow)’s super strength.

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