‘The Conjuring 2’ viewer advisory

the-conjuring-2-photo-14A lot of very creepy things happen in “The Conjuring 2,” but are any animals hurt?

(Scroll down for spoilers):

I’m happy to report that, unlike so many horror movies where the dog dies (including “The Conjuring,”) the dog we see in the movie — a Rottweiler owned by the neighbors across the street from the Enfield haunting — is not hurt.

The dog, named Baron (or “Barron”), has been taught to ring the bell when it needs to go outside. When the Hodgsons have to spend the night at the Nottinghams because of the haunting, youngest child Billy (Benjamin Haigh), wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing the bell ring.


He finds Baron by the back door, seemingly watching something outside. That’s when the dog starts to transform … into The Crooked Man!

The real dog is seen, alive and well, at the end of the film.

Read my full review at Forces of Geek!

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