Is the Hyena in ‘Birds of Prey’ Real?

Warner Bros.

Did they really train a hyena to share Twizzlers with Margot Robbie in “Birds of Prey”?

No, they didn’t.

Robbie wanted a real animal to play her pet Bruce, according to USA Today, but after meeting a hyena named Fonzi, realized that wasn’t going to work

“We went to go visit [Fonzi], but quickly learned that it was going to be near impossible to shoot with him the amount we needed,” Robbie said. “He was obviously very dangerous, and anything you gave him was his.” So sharing snacks — and a real hyena — was out.

Added director Cathy Yan, “It didn’t make sense to have a real hyena on set and have Margot feed it Twizzlers.” 

The solution was to have two “really lovely German shepherds,” stand in for Bruce, who were then give a CGI-hyena makeover.

In the comics, Harley had two hyenas named Bud and Lou, named after comic duo Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. In the movie, he’s called Bruce “after that hunky Wayne guy.”

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