Oscars: Allison Janney Thanks Bird Costar, Makeup Winner Thanks His Cats

parrot-catSome of the highlights of the 90th Academy Awards? Best Supporting Actress winner Allison Janney thanking the parrot from “I, Tonya” and Best Makeup winner Kazuhiro Tsuji (“Darkest Hour”) thanking his cats in their acceptance speeches.

Janney, who won for playing Tonya Harding’s hard-as-nails mother LaVona, thanked the parrot who sits on her shoulder in several scenes, saying,  “a cast and crew — and bird — that elevated my work.”

As Janney told Huffington Post, “I tried a couple birds, and I picked Little Man, which is not his real name, but that’s what I called him. I gotta find out what his real name is because he’s one of my favorite scene partners I’ve ever worked with. I knew it was my job to make it look like I had a relationship with the bird, that we’d been together for a long time. I couldn’t look ruffled, if you will, by anything this bird did. And believe me, he did a lot. I mean, you saw him trying to eat out my ear.”

But what got people talking even more was when Kazuhiro Tsuji thanked his cats in his speech — surely an Oscar first.

We did some research and Tsuji has posted about his cats on his Instagram page. He shared a slo-mo video of his gray, golden-eyed cat Jude enjoying some catnip.


Last year, Tsuji shared a tribute to his cat, Devon, who had just passed away.


Congrats also to “Coco” for winning Best Animated Film! And to the cats of “The Shape of Water.”





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