‘Gifted’: Five Fantastic Cat Facts About the Movie


In the new movie “Gifted,” Chris Evans stars as Frank, who’s raising his math-genius niece, Mary (Mckenna Grace). The two have a beloved pet cat, Fred, who happens to have one eye. Mary wows her classmates and teacher (Jenny Slate) by bringing Fred to Show and Tell one day.

Here are five fantastic cat facts from the movie:
1. The kitty who plays Fred has two eyes: Fred was made into a one-eyed cat thanks to digital magic.
2. Fred was inspired by writer Tom Flynn’s real-life one-eyed cat, who’s also (surprise) named Fred.
3. In the film, Mary’s grandmother (Lindsay Duncan) is deathly allergic to cats. But in real life, it’s Mckenna who’s allergic to kitties.
4. Chris Evans isn’t a big cat fan, he admitted. But in a scene where he visits a real animal shelter, he fell in love with a dog who he adopted and named Dodger. Congrats, Chris!
5. If you adopt or sponsor a cat in need between March 6 and May 8, Fox Searchlight will make a $25 donation to Best Friends Animal Society! Read more details here.

'Gifted' movie star Mary (Mckenna Grace) who plays a mathematical child prodigy. She is holding a cat in this photo.

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