Penguin Steve Looks for Love in DisneyNature ‘Penguins’ Trailer


In the first trailer for DisneyNature’s “Penguins,” a clumsy penguin named Steve looks for a mate — while trying to dodge killer whales and leopard seals — in Antarctica.

That’s pretty action-packed for a documentary, but the trailer (which is set to Imagine Dragons’ song “Thunder”) also promises that Steve finds love and has kids… and then is left to raise the baby penguins on his own. (What happened to his mate? The trailer doesn’t say, but since it’s a DisneyNature film, we’re hoping it’s not tragic.)

The film will be out on Earth Day 2019.

As for DisneyNature’s Earth Day 2018 film, “Dolphins,” that was quietly pulled from theaters. Here’s more information on that, and some other great conservation-minded films you can watch instead.

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