Animated Film Will Retell ‘Wizard of Oz’ From Toto’s Point of View


What was Toto thinking during his adventures in Oz with Dorothy? We’re about to find out.

A new animated Warner Bros. film will be told from the famous terrier’s perspective. It’s based on the children’s book “Toto: The Dog-Gone Amazing Story of The Wizard Of Oz,” which was written by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.

It’s, of course, based on the original books by L. Frank Baum, made famous by the 1939 film starring Judy Garland Dorothy and adorable terrier Terry (later renamed Toto) as her plucky canine companion.

In the book, “Papa Toto” tells his pups about the time he and Dorothy were swept away by a twister.


Mark Burton, who wrote the Aardman Studio films “Shaun the Sheep” and “Early Man,” is writing the screenplay, according to The Hollywood Reporter.





2 thoughts on “Animated Film Will Retell ‘Wizard of Oz’ From Toto’s Point of View

  1. Well as tired as I am of all the remakes Hollywood insists on pumping out as of late, at least they’re doing something a little different and interesting with this one. It’ll be interesting to see if they make it into more of a comedy or where they go with it.


  2. im interested in seeing if its stupid like the animated version of wizard of oz is or if its actually something. bc to be honest both shawn the sheep and early man are kinda lame. now in the early days of wallace and gromit they were great but as i aged and also as the show did it got less and less cool and entertaining. now shawn the sheep movie wasnt too bad bc it was in the spirit of wallace and gromit but the kids tv show version is. but ya i personally didnt like the animated version of wizard of oz. too lame even for kids. even for young kids. kinda ruined the experience. now if they make the new movie from totos perspective following the books, lets make it fun so that all can enjoy. i love kids movies that also have hidden things for adults so its not boring to sit for 2+ hours at a kids movie you just paid $10 to see. so hopefully this is like that, fun for all. cuz personally if you say that its being made by the man who wrote the films “Shaun the Sheep” and “Early Man,” ya, thats not saying much. so hopefully its good. it makes me wanna see it just because its interesting to see the story from toto’s perspective but hopefully its not lame and geared towards 4 years old.


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