‘The Girl With All the Gifts’ Viewer Advisory


In this British update on the zombie film, a girl who’s one of several children born as zombies forms an uneasy alliance with a small band of non-infected humans to help protect them after their military base falls.

Do any animals die? (Spoilers)

Melanie (Sennia Nanua) is usually an engaging, bright young student who’s fond of her teacher Miss Gastineau (Gemma Aterton), but she can’t always control her cravings for flesh. To avoid snacking on her human companions, she turns to animals, including a seagull and a cat. She also finds a terrier hiding in an abandoned apartment building and brings it back to where her group is pinned down by zombies. She releases the dog as a distraction for the horde, who respond to noise and movement. Does the dog make it out alive? We don’t see the outcome of that chase, but it is a pretty speedy pup, so we can hope.

The film, which already played the UK, opens on February 24 in the U.S.

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