Ralph Breaks the Internet — and a Pancake-Eating Bunny


Wreck-It-Ralph has more heart than brains and the results are disastrous when he and Princess Vanellope sneak onto the Internet in “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

And he’s bad news for a poor bunny in a game where you feed it pancakes (and give milkshakes to an equally adorable kitty.) Ralph gets into the spirit of the game, feeding the bunny stack after stack. Despite Vanellope’s warning that the bunny is getting alarmingly overfed, Ralph keeps going. The bunny reluctantly shoves one last stack into its mouth and…


We don’t actually see the bunny explode, but we do here a “pop” and a kid playing the game react in horror.

RIP, pancake-eating bunny! Let’s hope you have more game lives.



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