‘The Bad Batch’ Viewer Advisory

bad-batch-rabbitIn an ultra-violent movie where criminals who live in a desert wasteland are literally eating each other to stay alive, is it possible for a little girl’s pet bunny to make to the end of the film?


No, the bunny does not make it out alive.

After Honey (Jayda Fink)’s mother is killed by the film’s lead character, Arlen (Suki Waterhouse) (who suffered the loss of her arm and leg at the hands of a different cannibal), Arlen brings her back to the non-cannibal town of Comfort. There she buys the little girl a bunny as a pet. Earlier, we saw Honey’s cannibal father (Jason Momoa) painting her while holding a bunny, so we know what the animal means to her.

By the film’s end, Arlen has returned Honey to her father. When Honey says she’s hungry, her father takes the rabbit and kills it offscreen. The last scene in the movie: Honey is tearfully eating her beloved pet.

We also see a bird trapped and killed (and then eaten) by the silent character played by Jim Carrey.

The animal deaths pale in comparison to the brutal human cannibalism, but they don’t help make the film any more (ahem) palatable.

Read my full review at Forces of Geek.




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