Review: ‘Seniors: A Dogumentary’ Celebrates Old Dogs and the People Who Love Them

The film “Seniors: A Dogumentary” showcases the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, as well as several senior dogs and their caretakers.

It’s a heartwarming celebration of these sweet animals and the people who make sure their last years are spent with a lot of love and comfort.

Old Friends was founded by Zina and Michael Goodin, who now house more than 100 dogs. They also sponsor several “forever fosters,” in which senior dogs to go a new home but Old Friends foots all the bills.

Leo (pictured above) was found living behind a grocery store and quickly became the face of Old Friends.

In the film, we also meet Chaser, a still energetic 13-year-old who knows more than 1,000 words and disproves the old adage that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. The only problem filming her: She kept wanting the cinematographer to play with her! Her also elderly owner, John W. Pilley, Jr., says, “Some of the Greeks believe that children chose their parents. We like to think that Chaser chose us.”

Izzy, who was adopted by a nursing home after her owner passed away.

Another featured dog is Izzy, a black lab whose owner, Jim, had to go into a nursing home. Izzy quickly became a community favorite. When Jim passed away, Izzy stayed on as the official dog of the home. Her story made the pages of People magazine, and she’s also profiled in the book “If I Should Die Before My Dog.”

Gorman Borchard and his dog Springsteen

Director Gorman Borchard features his own dog, Springsteen, who is about to turn 11. “I made the vet promise me that Springsteen will live forever. I hope I don’t have to change vets because he lied about that,” he jokes.

As someone with two senior dogs myself, I did not find the film overwhelmingly sad, but uplifting. Tears didn’t start flowing until the last shot of John W. Pilley, Jr. and Chaser walking away from the camera and we learn both have since passed away.

The film is dedicated to them, Leo, and “all the seniors who’ve touched our lives.”

“Seniors: A Dogumentary” is now available on VOD and on DVD. Learn more on the film’s official site:

One thought on “Review: ‘Seniors: A Dogumentary’ Celebrates Old Dogs and the People Who Love Them

  1. Loved, loved, loved this film. I have had senior dogs for the past 25 years, and even though it’s hard to see them go, I am always aware of how much richer they made my life.


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