A Heroic Senior Sled Dog Leads the Way in First Trailer for ‘Togo’

A senior dog named Togo is an Alaskan town’s best chance of getting a precious serum to dying children in this Disney+ movie.

If that sounds familiar, it’s the same story (more or less) told in the animated movie “Balto.”

This time, the focus is on the lesser-known Togo and his owner, Leonhard Seppala (Willem Dafoe). They have to trek 600 miles through a formidable snow storm and making the situation even more perilous: Togo is 12 years old, and long past the usual retirement age.

Will they make it? Since it’s based on a true story, we know they do.

In the first trailer, we first meet a wayward husky puppy who seems like he’ll never make it as a sled dog. Until Leonhard realizes that Togo isn’t a sled dog — he’s a lead dog!

The dogs in the movie, at least in most scenes in the trailer, look real, unlike the CGI’d pup in the upcoming remake of “Call of the Wild.”

Given the dramatic nature of the film, it’s likely that some scenes are CGI, including Togo breaking through a window and the entire team struggling on treacherous ice.

The film premieres on Disney+ on December 20.

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