‘Army of the Dead’ Trailer Teases Zombie Tiger and Horses

As if facing a horde of super-fast, evolved zombies isn’t intimidating enough in “Army of the Dead,” the non-zombie heroes will also have to contend with a zombie white tiger and zombie horses.

What’s a white tiger doing in Las Vegas? Surely it was part of a Siegfried and Roy-type show. “A goddamned zombie tiger? That’s crossing the line,” says one character.

As for the undead horses, they’re being ridden by Alpha Zombies, as we see in the trailer. (An Alpha on horseback appears at 2:01 in.)

According to ScreenRant, director Zack Snyder has also promised zombie dogs, but not zombie birds. In this film, birds are immune to the virus that caused the zombification of other species.

The film, which stars Dave Bautista, opens May 14, 2021.

“Army of the Dead” is not the first film to feature zombie dogs, of course. The “Resident Evil” franchise (including the games) has included vicious zombie Dobermans.

Previously, we got vampire dogs in “Blade: Trinity,” including two vampire Rottweilers and even a vamp Pomeranian, all of which Ryan Reynolds’ character manages to outsmart. Watch the age-restricted link on YouTube.

And while we’re talking about mutant animals, we should include the ridiculous Gamma Dogs from Ang Lee’s “Hulk,” which included a Hulked-Out Poodle.

As for the steeds that carried the Nazgûl or Ringwraiths in “The Lord of the Rings”? They were black and had glowing red eyes in the films. However, in the books, Gandalf says they were “born and bred to the service of the Dark Lord in Mordor,” since regular horses would shy from these undead henchmen.

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