Video: ‘Isle of Dogs’ Actors Discuss the Dogs They Play… In Character!


The actors who provide the canine voices in Wes Anderson’s animated film “Isle of Dogs” were interviewed about the characters they play — as those characters! Even funnier, the video includes the awkward pauses and “ums” and “uhs” of the actors themselves.  Enjoy!


Edward Norton sounds like he was too close to the mike when he recorded his segment on what Trash Island has been like for former pampered pooch, Rex.

Bryan Cranston discusses playing lead dog Chief (a proud stray) and the dog flu conspiracy.

Jeff Goldblum (as a dog!) delightfully does a Duke Ellington jazz riff because his gossipy character is named Duke.

Ben Kingsley (who plays a noble St. Bernard named Jupiter) recalls the time he was bitten by a scrappy terrier.boss

Scarlett Johansson shares that the reason former show dog Nutmeg likes Chief is because he “has just the right amount of bite.”

Bill Murray talks about his mascot character, Boss, and what humans owe dogs. “Dogs are given by God. They’re a responsibility, to use, not as a servant, but as a sounding board, as a demonstration of what your obligation is to life.”

Bob Balaban reminisces about getting hooked on showbiz after visiting a movie set as a child, a fitting anecdote for his dog food mascot character, King.

oracleAnd Liev Schreiber is somewhat at a loss as to how to describe playing Spots, a boy’s beloved guard dog whose exile to Trash Island sets the whole story in motion.

Lastly, Tilda Swinton is appropriately profound as she discusses her character, Oracle the pug, whose “visions” come from watching TV.

“Isle of Dogs” opens in limited release on Friday, March 23, expanding on Wednesday, March 28. It will be in theaters nationwide Friday, April 6.

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