A Boy Searches for His Lost Dog in First Trailer for Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’


The first trailer for Wes Anderson’s stop-motion film “Isle of Dogs” features a boy trying to find his pet after all the dogs of a city in Japan are exiled to a trash island after a dog flu epidemic breaks out.

A boy named Atari Kobayashi hijacks a plane and flies to the island to find his dog, Spots. A pack of dogs, led by Rex (Edward Norton) and Chief (Bryan Cranston), try to help him find Spots.

The impressive voice cast includes Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Jeff Goldblum, F. Murray Abraham, Tilda Swinton, Bob Balaban, Harvey Keitel, Liev Schreiber, Yoko Ono, and Greta Gerwig.

IndieWire notes that this is Anderson’s tribute to the works of famed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.

Since Anderson almost always kills off a dog or cat in his movies, we wouldn’t be surprised if at least one dog perishes in the search for Spots.

“Isle of Dogs” opens in limited release on March 23, 2018. Watch the trailer below:

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