Meet Mr. Bruce From ‘Hustlers’

One of the scene stealers in the movie “Hustlers” is a well-dressed chihuahua named Mr. Bruce.

When Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) is looking to recruit more women to fleece rich Wall Street employees, one of the women shows up with a chic dog in a bag. She introduces him as “Mr. Bruce” and says she brings him with her everywhere: Will that be a problem?

“Not at all,” says Ramona, who gushes over the petite pup.

Mr. Bruce is played by a 7-year-old female dog named Manhattan, who belongs to dog clothes designer, Ada Nieves.

Nieves told the New York Post about the clothes she designed for the film: “I wanted Manhattan to look like an everyday doggy who has a little personality. I wanted to portray a fun dog!”

Manhattan, one of six chihuahuas owned by Nieves, borrowed clothes from her brothers Amaretto and Mojito for the film.

A promotional video for Mr. Bruce features just about all the scenes in which the dog appears, including a VIP suite at the strip club.

Mr. Bruce appears unimpressed by money and the glamorous life. Having a comfy bag to sleep in, and a stunning wardrobe, is what matters the most.

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