The Suicide Squad: All About Weasel, Sebastian the Rat and King Shark

The Suicide Squad is a motley crew of meta-humans, scientific experiments and some very unusual animals. All help — or at least try — to save the day.

Here’s a spoiler-ific breakdown of these comic-book creatures:


Sebastian is the companion of Ratcatcher 2, aka Cleo Cazo (Daniela Melchior). Unlike the rest of the rats she commands with the devices built by her father, Sebastian wears a little harness and what looks like a backpack. When he first meets Bloodsport (Idris Elba), who has a rat phobia, Sebastian tries to offer him a pretty leaf to prove he’s friendly. As the actress toold Collider, Cleo considers Sebastian her best friend.

Is he CGI?

Sometimes. Melchior told Collider, “All the tsunami of rats that we see in the movie, it’s CGI. But every time I could, I had one rat with me so sometimes I have the real rat in my hands or on my shoulder, but every time the rat would wave and do some particular stuff, it would be CGI.”

But a very real rat relieved itself on her when it was perched on her shoulder on set. “I think he was, like, marking [his] territory” Melchior told the LA Times. “And just getting to know me and getting to know my smell.”

Does Melchior like rats in real life?

Yes! She passed an audition to prove she had “chemistry” with the rats and wasn’t scared of them.

As she told Refinery29, she worked with both a rat puppet and real rodents and she and director James Gunn “looked like two kids, playing with the rats.”

She would love to have one as a pet in real life: “I had two hamsters when I was young — I know that’s not the same. The only thing I had to do was forget about the tails. They are actually really smart. They can be trained — they’re almost like a dog.”

Was Idris Elba really afraid of rats?

Yes. I’m so sorry for him,” Daniela told Refinery29. “He really had a thing for rats and Viola Davis too. They’re really honest about it. Not many people like rats.”

Who plays Sebastian?

Voice actor Dee Bradley Baker is credited as the voice of Sebastian (although the character doesn’t talk.) Also credited as “Sebastian rats”: A rat named Jaws and one named Crisp Ratt, which is a play on the nickname of “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor Chris Pratt.

Does Sebastian survive?

(SPOILER) Yes! He not only makes it through all the mayhem, he plays a crucial part in the final battle. And does eventually win over Bloodsport.


What, exactly, is King Shark? He’s a humanoid shark, the son of the The King of All Sharks, aka the Shark God. He also goes by his Hawaiian name, Nanaue.

Who voices King Shark?

Sylvester Stallone

Steve Agee (far right) played King Shark on set. He also played John Economos.

Who played King Shark on set?

Steve Agee. As James Gunn told EW: Gunn first wrote the part of Amanda Waller’s bearded coworker John Economos for Agee because the comic book character “looks exactly like my buddy Steve.” Then, he realized, “Steve is 6-foot-5, he fits King Shark, and so he played King Shark on stage.”

Is he indestructible?

Pretty much. Not only does he have skin that’s tough as nails and enhanced strength and endurance, he can also regenerate lost bodily tissue. He survives several attacks in the movie, but always comes out on top. (So, SPOILER, he survives the movie.)

What does he like to eat?

King Shark enjoys feasting on humans, which at first makes him not very trustworthy to the other members on his team. However, he learns that his friends are not “nom noms,” but that the people they are fighting are fair game. When let loose, Nanaue can rip a man apart in nothing flat.

How did they come up with his look for the movie?

Gunn told Den of Geek, “King Shark was the toughest character I’ve ever had to design for numerous reasons,” including getting the shark skin just right and nailing the “dad bod.” The cinematic King Shark is also a lot dumber than the one in the original comic books, according to ScreenRant. Read more about how the movie version differs from the comic-book character.


What’s the inspiration behind Weasel?

In the DC comics, Weasel is a dissatisfied college teacher who donned a weasel costume to kill his colleagues and ensure promotion, according to ScreenRant. Gunn shared on Twitter that his version of the character was inspired by Bloom County’s addled Bill the Cat.

Who played him on set?

Sean Gunn, James Gunn’s brother

Did he actually kill 27 kids?

Probably not, according to Gunn, who told IndieWire, “There’s a lot of people in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. Don’t you think that if there were 27 [dead] kids and Weasel was living on the block, that you’re going to blame Weasel. Is he guilty? I think it’s a Project Innocence situation for Weasel and he deserves to really have the legal team that he probably did not have the first time through. I mean, he is one step above a Greyhound, if that, when it comes to his brain capacity.”

Is Weasel actually NSFW?

As The Wrap pointed out, the unclothed critter actually lets it all hang out, if you’re quick enough to catch it. Read more (and get an eyeful) here: You Can Definitely See Weasel’s Penis in ‘The Suicide Squad’

Does Weasel die?

It’s unclear why Weasel has been chosen for the assignment, which involves a midnight beach raid on an island nation, particularly as it seems he can’t even swim. He’s the first of the squad to go, having drowned before he even reaches shore. Savant (Michael Rooker) pulls his body to the beach, but it’s too late. Except… we find out in an end credits sequence that he’s not actually dead. He sputters awake, looks around, terribly confused, and shambles off into the jungle, having missed all the action.

Do any animals die in the movie?

Yes. Presidente General Silvio Luna (Juan Diego Botto) shows off his fantastic estate, including his beautiful aviary, to Harley (Margot Robbie) to impress her. After Luna is killed, his successor, Mateo Suarez (Joaquín Cosío), orders the entire aviary destroyed. Underlings pour gasoline on the structure and then it’s set on fire. We hear the anguished cry of the birds, although we don’t se them die. Fortunately, Harley, who loved them, is not present to see this happen.


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