‘The Meg’ Viewer Advisory

themeg-dogA Yorkie looks like a shark snack in a trailer for “The Meg.” Does it survive?

The dog is named Pippin (surely a nod to the ill-fated black lab named Pippet in “Jaws”) and it doesn’t look good for the pup as it nervously paddles the open sea with the killer shark closing fast.


Although the dog is presumed dead, we see Pippin again, alive and well, at the end of the film. Whew! Go, Pippin. Kiddie pools only from now on!


The dog action in the film was monitored by Humane Hollywood (the American Humane Society), who declared the production “outstanding.” The scene where the dog (whose real name is Kelly) jumps into the ocean was filmed in a large heated outdoor tank in a studio.










One thought on “‘The Meg’ Viewer Advisory

  1. (Spoilers)

    I just saw the movie, and while I’m glad the dog lives, I think there does need to be a viewer advisory for some of the CGI animal deaths. Specifically, a scared baby whale is shown in fear, crying for its mother before being violently bitten in half. This is made worse by the fact that one of the characters had names for the whales earlier in the film. I’m still very haunted by that part, and I’m usually a very strong horror movie fan.


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