‘Ready or Not’ Viewer Advisory

In the horror comedy “Ready or Not,” Samara Weaving plays Grace, who’s just married into the wealthy Le Domas family. They’ve amassed a fortune from board games and on her wedding night, she’s asked to play a game as is their tradition with new family members. When the card she chooses reads “Hide and Seek,” she has no idea that she’s just stepped into a version of “The Most Dangerous Game.”

The body count is impressive in this film: Do any animals die? (SPOILERS BELOW)

Just as in the pre-code film “The Most Dangerous Game,” hunting is a favorite sport of the movie’s villains. The family home is full of a variety of big-game trophies that seem to date back several generations.

We don’t see any animals being killed, although Grace does end up in a pit full of goat carcasses. (As she discusses in this video about the 17 versions of the bridal gown she wears throughout the film, which gets dirtier and bloodier throughout the long night.)

Why does the family keep a barn full of goats? Their wealth is thanks to worshiping Satan, who requires the occasional goat or human sacrifice. We do see a few sedate looking goats in the barn, none of whom are harmed during the mayhem.

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