Uggie the Dog Passes Away At Age 13

uggie8-zVery sad news: One of our very favorite movie dogs, Uggie, who charmed Hollywood in “The Artist,” has passed away at age 13.

His owner, Omar Von Mueller, told TMZ that he made the difficult decision to have Uggie put down Friday, August 7. Uggie had been battling a prostate tumor.

Sarah Clifford, who trained Uggie, said he was “a perfect little terrier… I will forever hold him dearly in my heart and never forget his infinite love for chicken and hotdogs,” she said.

Although Uggie had worked before “The Artist,” (including in “Mr. Fix It” and “Water for Elephants”), the Oscar-winning movie made him a doggie superstar, earning him a Golden Collar Award and the Palm Dog Award at Cannes. He also became Nintendo’s first ever spokesdog.

Rest in Peace, Uggie. I hope doggie heaven is full of all the treats you love and endless belly rubs.

h/t Flickering Myth

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