Happy National Cat Day From Pyewacket

bellbookcandleHappy National Cat Day from Pyewacket, the Siamese cat belonging to Kim Novak in the 1958 romantic comedy “Bell, Book and Candle.”

The main cat was actually named Pyewacket (a common name for witch’s familiars) in real life, but he was played by 12 different cats, as noted in a 1958 newspaper article in the Daily Reporter:

“A cat may have nine lives everywhere else, but in Hollywood it’s 12. Or should we say 108?

It’s like this. A blue-eyed bundle of tawny fluff named Pyewacket plays Kim Novak’s Siamese cat in the film version of ‘Bell, Book and Candle. ‘But it will take a total of 12 tabbies to do all the tricks demanded of Pyewacket in the script.

So Pyewacket will have 12 stunt doubles. Or as Movie Cat Trainer Frank Inn explains it, ‘You can’t teach one cat do to 12 tricks, but you can teach 12 cats to do one trick each.’

Audiences, though, won’t know the difference. All the cats look alike. Just as half a dozen dogs who have played Lassie looked alike.”


Enjoy this fan video tribute to the magical cat(s), set to Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft.”

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