‘Dog Days’ Comedy Set From Director of ‘How To Be a Latin Lover’

burning-love-season-1-afternoon-delightKen Marino, who made his directorial debut with “How To Be a Latin Lover,” will next direct the comedy “Dog Days.”

Deadline reports that the comedy will be about a group of interconnected people in Los Angeles brought together by their dogs. It’s set to start shooting in October.

LD Entertainment, which brought us the military dog drama “Megan Leavey,” is financing. “We’ve made a lot of serious movies lately so it will be fun to jump into a comedy this fall with Ken Marino, fun actors, and lots of dogs,” Mickey Liddell, the founder of LD Entertainment, told Deadline.

“I’m very excited to direct a movie about dogs,” said Marino. “All of my best friends are dogs. Truth be told, the only friends I have are dogs. So this is a dream come true.”

Marino’s projects as an actor include “Children’s Hospital,” “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Party Down,” and “Eastbound and Down.”

He also starred on “Burning Love,” a parody of reality dating shows, which is where this funny photo of him wrangling a firehouse dalmatian is from.




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