Corellian Hounds in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Were Inspired by ‘Willow’

DcuziQpX4AUsEg9If you’ve seen “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” you probably wondered about those scary-looking hounds chasing down Han (Alden Ehrenreich) and Qi’Ra (Emilia Clarke) as they try to flee Corellia.

They’re called (appropriately enough) Corellian Hounds and they look like a cross between a bulldog, a rhinoceros, and maybe that hot-dog-eating green ghost from “Ghostbusters.” Thanks to “Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide,” we know that they’re a “fleet-footed, loud-barking, vicious species they were used for attack and hunting, but did not make good pets.” No kidding!


And we also know that they had a “keen sense of smell,” and “regenerating teeth.” The ones we see in the film are Sibians, who were bred for “hunting and attack.”

Co-screenwriter Jon Kasdan shared how he came up with the creatures on Twitter: “In a bizarre TWIST OF FATE, these #CorellianHounds, which were in the script from the very first draft, were 100% a loving homage to the DEATH DOGS in @RealRonHoward ‘s WILLOW, which terrified me as a kid, particularly when they mauled that poor nursemaid.”


Fortunately, their Lego counterparts are a lot cuter and a lot less dangerous. And no one gets mauled to death by them in the new “Star Wars” movie. Whew!


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