‘The Empty Man’ Viewer Advisory

Former cop James Lasombra (James Badge Dale) investigates the disappearance of 18-year-old Amanda (Sasha Frolova), in this gory horror movie. One of the only clues to her disappearance: The message “The Empty Man Made Me Do It,” scrawled in blood on the bathroom mirror.

When the cops on the case ask the mother if the family has any pets, James (along with the audience), correctly surmises that the message must have been written in animal blood.

Read on for SPOILERS:

Unfortunately, James later finds the source of the blood when checking on one of Amanda’s friends. In the backyard, he finds a dead dog next to bowls of its blood.

That’s it for the animal sacrifices in the film, but the human body count is incredibly high.

Can’t say I recommend this film on any level, despite being a big fan of James Badge Dale.

Best skip this one.

Here’s a good analysis of the film and what the ending means:

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