‘High-Rise’ Viewer Advisory

Before you go see “High-Rise,” which is on VOD today and in theaters on May 13, please note that it might be upsetting to animal lovers. Weirdly, the animals become symbolic of the elite upper classes and when the lower floors of an exclusive high-rise revolt, animals are often their targets.

SPOILERS below for what happens to animals in the film:


Sienna Guillory rides a horse at a decadent penthouse party

  • ┬áThe Architect (Jeremy Iron)’s husky is beaten by a tenant with a golf club.
  • Later, the Husky is befriended by Dr. Laing (Tom Hiddleston), who eventually eats it as conditions descend into savagery in the building. We see him petting the dog, then roasting a dog leg over a fire.
  • The beloved dog of actress Jane Sheridan (Sienna Guillory) is choked to death by brutish Richard Wilder (Luke Evans) during a chaotic pool party.
  • The horse that The Architect’s wife keeps on the roof (a symbol of the upper floor’s incredible decadence) is eventually killed and eaten as well. We see a man standing before the horse, hesitant to do the deed.

For a full review of the film, see my write-up at Forces of Geek.

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