Review Roundup: Talking-Dog Comedy ‘Absolutely Anything’ Is ‘A Dead Parrot’

absolutely-anythingThe final film of Robin Williams, “Absolutely Anything,” has finally hit theaters, but, sadly critics hate it, calling it a weak retread of the similarly themed “Bruce Almighty,” in which an ordinary man is given godlike powers, including giving his dog the ability to speak.

The comedy, in which Williams provides the voice of Simon Pegg’s dog, was originally called “The Dog Who Saved the World.”  It marks the reunion of the surviving members of Monty Python, but does not live up to their earlier films.

Here’s a few excerpts from reviews:

“As the film itself states: ‘The dog’s not so bad. It’s the people I can’t stand.’ The pooch – voiced in one of his final roles by the late Robin Williams – is sort of fun. But the humans, chiefly a haggard-looking Simon Pegg as self-absorbed teacher Neil, are a tiresome bunch.  —Tom Huddleston, Time Out

“Williams gives good dog as Dennis, but he is hardly on vintage autumnal form. Even the improvised outtakes that Jones includes over the closing credits, briefly putting Williams on camera, feel like scrappy tributes to a fallen comrade…. The final line is a brazen steal from Billy Wilder’s “Some Like It Hot,” which is a dangerous comparison for any director to invite. Wilder made a gold-plated classic comedy. Jones, alas, has delivered a dead parrot. — Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

“Robin Williams – in one of his final screen roles – does his best as the voice of Dennis the Dog, but despite some interesting revelations about tummy-tickling, the canine is severely lacking in one-liners, the performance a pale imitation of his wise-cracking work in ‘Aladdin’.” — Chris Tilly, IGN

Audiences didn’t like it much better: The film has an 18% critic rating on Rottentomatoes and a 31% audience rating.

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