Freya The Dog is All Smiles at ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ London Premiere

Freya attends the “Transformers: The Last Knight” premiere in London. (Paramount)

Freya, formerly known as “The Loneliest Dog in the World” after being passed over thousands of times for adoption in a shelter, now not only has a role in a big Hollywood movie, she has a happy forever home. And, according to People, she plans to do more acting!

The 7-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier attended the June 19 London premiere of “Transformers: The Last Knight,” in which she plays the dog of Sir Anthony Hopkins. She posed on the blue carpet with director Michael Bay and owner Ray Collins.

“She was very happy to see and lick Michael Bay, he was great with her,” Collins says of Freya’s debut at the movie premiere. “She was very popular with the audience, it was an awesome experience.”

Freya made headlines for her lonely plight after spending six years at the Freshfields Animal Rescue where she was passed over by thousands of potential adopters, likely because of her epilepsy.

Fortunately, Collins, a professional DJ from Mobberley, England, has had experience with epileptic dogs. Despite taking medication, Freya still has about two to three seizures a month, he tells People. “You hold them and make sure they don’t damage themselves,” Collins says of dealing with her seizures.


Ray Collins, Freya, and Michael Bay (Paramount)

About a month after he adopted Freya, Collins says he got a call from Michael Bay that he wanted to cast her in his new movie. Collins jokes that Freya was “a diva” on set. “The whole cast would stroke her all the time. We did a scene in a castle where there was about an hour break and Michael Bay sat on one side of her and Sir Anthony Hopkins sat on the other side and they just stroked her for an hour. Proper animal lovers.”

Freya worked with an animal trainer in preparation for filming and is “a very bright dog,” according to her new owner. “She can open doors and everything. She’s a crazy girl,” he says. “She gives you the look. She’s in the kitchen, she sits down, looks at my wife. Then looks at the fridge. She looks at my wife and then looks at the fridge. She does it all the time.” A very bright dog indeed!

Collins says that Freya “loves acting and loves people,” she he’s “looking for a proper dog agent now” to line up more roles for her.

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