Six Scintillating Facts About the Cat in ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’


The biggest star (literally) in “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” is the kitty kaiju that wreaks havoc while trying to chase a laser pointer. Here’s what we know about the cat who plays Meowthra.

  1. The cat is actually two cats!
    Co-director Charlie Bean revealed that during a Q&A video from Geek Central Blog. “We worked with two cats, one in the morning and then she would get tired, and then we’d work with the other cat.” Bean said that the kitties were “identical twins,” by which we assume he means they were siblings from the same litter. And yes, they were rescue kitties.
  2. The cat(s) are in Australia 
    At the same Q&A, a little girl asked the filmmakers “Where’s the kitty?” In Australia, says Bean. And she refused to attend the event because, asactor  Zach Woods says, “the kitty’s publicist thought it was too big for this event.”
  3. We don’t know the cat(s)’ real name
    Sorry, little girl! Zach Woods (who voices hero Zane), joked that the cat only answers only to “Meowthra” now. We’ll update as more news becomes available!
  4. Yes, some of the cat scenes are CGI
    Producer Chris McKay told the Los Angeles Daily News that they had to resort to computer graphics for few scenes.  “There was a very hilarious moment when we were trying a real cat against green screen. It’s tough to train a cat. There’s a lot of cat divas out there. Fortunately, we found a way to make the cat do the things we wanted him to do by making him CG.” Wait, I thought the cat was a girl?
  5. Dave Franco made the movie because he loves cats so much
    Dave Franco, who voices Lloyd, told CinemaBlend: “I was very excited when they first showed me the visual of what the cat in the movie was going to look like. When they were initially pitching the project to me they told me the main villain in the movie was going to be a cat and I signed the papers right there. That was one of the biggest draws for me.”
  6. Meowthra didn’t make it to Hollywood, but lots of cute kitties were at the premiere
    The stars of the film posed with several adoptable kittens at the film’s premiere, as part of “Meowthra’s Adoption Lair,” which was presented by Best Friends Animal Society and the Stray Cat Alliance.

    Here are some of the great photos of the cast with adorable kitties! See more at EW.


    Olivia Munn and feline friend (Photo: Best Friends Animal Society)


    Zach Woods cuddles a kitten (Photo: Best Friends Animal Society)


    A dream come true for cat lover Dave Franco (Photo: Best Friends Animal Society)

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