Jon Stewart Helps Rescue Two Stray Goats Found On Brooklyn Subway Tracks


Animal Care Centers/Twitter

Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart helped rescue a pair of goats who found their way onto the Brooklyn subway tracks.

And, even better, they’re now settling into their new home at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.  The comedian and his wife partnered with Farm Sanctuary in 2015 to open a fourth location at their New Jersey farm.

The two male Boer goats — who’ve been nicknamed Willy and Billy — were found wandering on the subway tracks Monday morning.

“We’re told they were munching grass,” Jon Weinstein, a spokesman for the M.T.A. told the New York Times.  They were tranquilized and captured by police and subway crews, according to the M.T.A. The portion of the line they were on was closed, but they were grazing dangerously close to an electrified third rail.

NYCT Subway tweeted “We thank ewe for your patience,” to riders who were delayed by the capture of the “very baaaaad boys.”

The goats then went to Animal Care Centers of NYC, where Jon and Tracey Stewart picked them up and transported them part of the way to Farm Sanctuary’s shelter in Watkins Glen, N.Y., a spokeswoman said.

“There, they will receive medical examinations and the world-class, individualized care,” Farm Sanctuary’s spokeswoman, Meredith Turner-Smith, said in a statement. It’s not known where they came from, but the Boer breed is often raised for meat.


Watch Jon help herd the goats into the Farm Sanctuary truck in the video below:

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