Watch Real Birds Audition For (and React To) ‘Bird Box’

birdboxcockatooNetflix thriller “Bird Box” has inspired a lot of memes and an ill-advised challenge where people try to walk (or even drive) while blindfolded.

But what do birds think about the movie?

In this Netflix video, various birds repeat lines from the film, including “Please don’t take my children” and “If you look, you die.” It would have been helpful if the birds in the film actually shouted, “Run” like these do, but simply flapping their wings is enough for the characters in the film to know that a suicide-inducing monster is about.

The cockatoo, by the way, gives the film “five stars.”

And what was the audition process like for the birds? Well, we’re pretty sure it went nothing like this funny Netflix video.

One budgie is fed lines from another Sandra Bullock movie, “Miss Congeniality,” while the one bird who does speak says, “I want to go home.” We know how you feel! Our favorite: The woman in the flamingo sweater and the woman with two chickens trying out for the part.

As for the actual birds used in the film, they’re probably budgies, although Netflix hasn’t released any information about them. The movie was monitored by Humane Hollywood and carries its “no animals were harmed” trademark phrase.

And (SPOILER): The birds all make it to the end of the film just fine. They survive being put (briefly) in the freezer by one insane character and the treacherous trip down the river.





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