‘Patrick’ Review: Pug-Powered Romcom Is Sweetly Funny


When a woman inherits her grandmother’s beloved pug, her life is turned upside down – — for the better, as it turns out — in this very funny, sweet British comedy that should appeal to dog lovers everywhere.

Beattie Edmondson stars as Sarah, whose life is so chaotic (she’s just been dumped by her latest boyfriend) that she can’t even make it to her grandmother’s funeral on time. She’s horrified when she learns that her grandmother left her Patrick, her very spoiled pug.

For one thing, Sarah’s building doesn’t allow dogs! And she’s just started a new job as a high school English teacher. Shenangigans ensue as she tries to find someone to watch Patrick at short notice, because when she leaves him alone, he destroys her apartment, of course.

Most of the problems Sarah has with Patrick would be solved by a) hiring a dog walker or sitter while she’s at work and b) keeping him on leash at all times. But where would a comedy be without situations like her chasing Patrick all over a dog park as he pursues a herd of deer? (Are there really parks in England with deer, people riding horses, and people walking their dogs?!)

The fact that Patrick is a guy magnet helps Sarah warm up to him, and she’s soon juggling the attentions of a hot vet (Ed Skrein) and nice guy Ben (Tom Bennett).

Patrick (who gets frequent close-ups and reaction shots), is a charmer, despite his misbehavior. He wins over the audience long before Sarah decides he’s not so bad.

The supporting cast here, including Edmondson’s own mother, “Absolutely Fabulous” star Jennifer Saunders, helps boost the movie beyond your standard romantic comedy.

There aren’t many surprises in the film — Sarah learns to love Patrick, wins over her students and her disapproving boss, and finds romance — except that it’s far more charming than its current IMDb score of 5.8 indicates.

If you love pugs, you’ll love “Patrick.”

three paws



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