‘Woman in the Window’ Viewer Advisory

Amy Adams’s agoraphobic character in “Woman in the Window” Anna Fox is in peril after she thinks she sees the woman she just befriended (Julianne Moore) being murdered in the house across the street. But what about her cat, Punch?


Punch survives! But he is injured at one point. Anna discovers the cat is limping and wonders how he could have hurt himself since, like her, he never leaves the house.

Later, when a neighbor asks how Punch’s paw is doing, Anna realizes he must have been the one to injure it since she never spoke about it. It appears that this neighbor — who’s now revealed as a killer — injured the cat to prevent it from following him.

Although the cat does venture downstairs to tenant David (Wyatt Russell)’s apartment, which leads Anna to discover that the murdered woman was in his apartment. David, however, is just one of many red herrings in this story.

Punch also inadvertently helps Anna prove that the woman, who introduced herself as Jane Russell, really existed: Anna is told that she imagined her and that she’s never met the real Jane (Jennifer Jason Leigh) until after the police look into her accusations. She finally accepts that the first Jane was a figment of her imagination, boosted by wine and the many pills she takes. But then Anna finds proof of Jane No. 1 in a photo she took of Punch: When she zooms in on the reflection in a wine glass in the photo, she clearly sees Jane No. 1’s face.

After a deadly showdown with the killer (that does not involve Punch), Anna moves to a less creepy house now that she has overcome her fears and can go outside again.

For more analysis of all the film’s twists and turns, read this article from Slate or this one from Distractify.

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