Review: ‘Robin Robin’ might be the cutest movie ever made


The almost impossibly cute stop-motion short film “Robin Robin,” which premiered on Netflix on November 24, is the story of a robin who is raised by a family of mice. Try as she might to fit in, Robin (voiced by Bronte Carmichael), is no good at sneaking into houses and stealing crumbs.

On a daring solo adventure to steal the biggest crumb ever, she meets Magpie (brilliantly voiced by Richard E. Grant), who has amassed an impressive amount of shiny things for his home. He advises her to dream bigger than mere crumbs. Magpie also gets a lovely song (fairly reminiscent of Mr. Burns’ “See My Vest” on “The Simpsons”), about his favorite things, from spoons to bottle caps to a magnificent penny.


But they must be careful not to invade a house with a cat, as there is a particularly predatory feline (a silkily evil Gillian Anderson) in the neighborhood.

Everything about this is adorable, from the Mouse family’s snug home, where they each sleep tucked under a leaf at night, to Robin’s hilariously awful attempts at being stealthy, to the little bird finally discovering how to fly.

This charming short film from Daniel Ojari and Mikey Please, which runs 32 minutes, is a welcome addition to any holiday roster of family films.

Rating: 4 out 4 paws

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