The Funniest Reactions to the ‘Clifford’ Trailer

The first trailer for the live-action “Clifford” movie has dropped and while the little (real) red dog is adorable, fan reaction to the CGI-created Big Red Dog not been great. Except for inspiring memes and imaginary showdowns with other giant movie creatures.

Little Clifford is as cute as can be.

But Supersized Clifford is kind of terrifying.

Here are some of the more memorable Clifford memes:

Godzilla vs. Kong vs. Clifford? Who would win?

“Chaos reigns,” is a line spoken by a fox in the very dark Lars von Trier film “Antichrist.” Don’t think that’s quite what this family film had in mind here.
The moment where Clifford swallows a normal-sized pug is compared to the famously disturbing painting by Spanish artist Francisco Goya. (Don’t worry, Clifford spits out the pug, unharmed, seconds later.)

And the trailer for the film, which stars David Alan Grier as the voice of Clifford, Darby Camp as Emily Elizabeth Howard and Jack Whitehall as Darby’s uncle Casey. It hits theaters on September 17.

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