Why the dog in ‘Nona’ is a pit bull


A grandmother who loves wrestling is distracted by a surprise visit from her granddaughter in this 8-minute SparkShorts film now on Disney+.

The film has only three characters – Nona, the little girl and the pit bull named Baby.

Director Luis Gonzales explained to LaughingPlace.com why he decided the dog had to be a pitty who ends up “refereeing” the match between Nona and her granddaughter.

“It has to be a dog, right? And not only any dog. I grew up with pit bulls, and I love pit bulls because, yes they look kinda scary and they have that bad rep, but I’ve only ever known them to be loves. Loved the family, play with kids, all that good stuff. So I was like, that’s perfect,” he said.


Baby appears to be an older dog as his muzzle is white and he needs help getting up on the sofa.



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